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  • Our end results speak for themselves: among our sales professionals who have been with our company 3 years or more – 49.3% earn over $100,000.00 annually and 63.8% earn more than $75,000.00 annually.
  • We provide two compelling ways for our people to grow their income: sales and leadership
  • While our opportunity is a 100% commission, we understand that it takes time to build business. Therefore we support our new partners with a generous pay assistance pay program that supplements commissions while they get established for the first 2 years.
  • Many of our first year partners do exceptionally well right out of college.
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Leadership is the other great source of income for our people, and while it takes longer to develop than selling income, it is a key component of our people’s long-term career development focus.Advancement and promotion in leadership is based on clear, transparent performance criteria.
Our career path consists of:

  • Sales Professional
  • Sales Trainer
  • Executive Sales Leader
  • Regional Vice President
  • Division Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Division President


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Wealth Building

  • Tom James sales people don’t just sell and lead; they build a business. Like any entrepreneur, owning a part of the business is part and parcel of our opportunity. Our wealth building opportunities have been created from the perspective that, when you build your business with Tom James, you deserve to be treated like an owner.
  • There are 3 primary vehicles that make this possible;
  1. Stock: Tom James Company stock has grown at the rate of 14.2% over last 28 years – beating both S&P500 and DJ-30 handily.
  2. 401(k)
  3. Profit sharing

“There is huge potential for me here at Tom James. Not only am I paid on my personal sales, but I also earn leadership pay. I earn stock and qualify for cash bonuses and dividends. The opportunity here is amazing”.
[—Ian Powell, Australia]


Our company has what is increasingly becoming an old fashioned commitment to the total wellness of our employees. Despite industry trends and external pressures, we have maintained the comprehensive nature of our health and wellness coverage, income and family protection plans, and other benefits.
Our benefits program is “cafeteria” style, meaning each employee chooses the coverage’s and coverage levels that fit their needs and lifestyle. The basic options are:

  • Health: Truly major medical, comprehensive coverage options.
  • Dental: Several comprehensive plans to choose from.
  • Life Insurance: Competitive term rates to supplement your personal coverage, + a portion that is company-paid.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: Coverage in the event of an injury or accident.
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability: Income protection if, for some reason, you are unable to work.
  • Long-Term Care: Affordable coverage in the event someone in your family requires long-term care.
  • Maternity: Extremely flexible options for female Sales Professionals during and after childbirth.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Tax-friendly savings plans for qualified childcare and medical expenses.

“I love the benefits package that Tom James offers. It provides the security and peace of mind I need to protect my family.”
[—Brian Hopkins, Minneapolis, MN]


In addition to providing every new partner with the training assistance pay described above, we have an intensive training program designed to help you master the mental and technical aspects of the job.The #1 factor of success in our company is having a clear, emotionally resonant vision for your life. Before we invest a single minute in teaching the trade, we work to help each new partner discover both the personal and professional significance of their individual vision and goals for their career. Then we help them connect the skills and activities they’ll need to achieve that vision.Every new partner has a two-month apprentice-style training period to help them build a strong foundation of prospects to call on. During this period, the new partner accompanies experienced partners in their day-to-day business. Our experienced partners even give their referrals to the new partners. Most new partners end up with 150-250 highly qualified personal referrals to call on by the time they start selling. In addition, you will learn how to intelligently prospect using several technological resources, visual prospecting and networking techniques and by leveraging personal marketing materials in your territory. By the end of the initial training period, most new partners have more than 1500+ qualified, warm leads to focus on as they build their clientele.In addition to all of this, members of the new partners’ training team take turns accompanying them on their selling appointments during their first few months to ensure success and help handle any unforeseen circumstances. Our goal as a company is to provide unparalleled training and support while you get established.
Finally, we’ve made significant investments in technology to build a digital library full of training videos, insights and teaching from some of our top performers around the country. Our new partners rely heavily on this resource, which is available anytime, anywhere.“Going to Career Development Class proved to me how much this company cares and wants us to grow and succeed, not just in this job but more importantly in life, itself. I feel like my opportunity is unlimited here and I am excited about the idea of growing with Tom James.”
[—Melissa Marzuk, New York, NY]

Personal and Professional Development

Everyone wants the short- and long-term financial opportunities that come from successfully building a business, but it takes deep character, vision and focus to do so. As a company, we believe in the transformative power of goals. We believe, as Brian Tracy has written, that happiness only comes from the pursuit of a worthwhile goal. We believe that achievement and growth come only when our people are emotionally connected to goals that push them beyond their personal abilities and circumstances.

The ramifications of our goals-oriented company culture are profound: at the majority of sales organizations, you can expect to be managed by quotas. Most companies keep and develop only those individuals that prove they can make it themselves and discard the reset. But over a 50 year history of successful sales growth, we have managed our people in a fundamentally different way. We believe growth is an inside-out phenomenon.

Our leaders understand that their primary objective, in addition to imparting the basic skills and tools necessary to do an excellent job for our clients, is to help you become the person you truly want to be. Only when your life is in sync with your personal dreams and ambitions will you experience the kind of holistic success that breeds character and happiness. When we say, “We build people,” this is what we mean.

The level of service, the quality of leadership and the magnitude of sales growth we want as a company and as employee-owners can only come from individuals who are committed to their personal and professional development. Character ultimately defines the Tom James Experience for our clients, and the stability of our company is predicated on the strength of our people.

The largest investment we make as a company every year is in the personal and professional development of our people. Our cutting-edge, digitally empowered training programs are putting the most advanced selling skills and product knowledge in our new people’s hands more quickly than ever before. National sales meetings, leadership development trips, weekly one-on-ones and local office development programs ensure that our people have 360° exposure to a culture and experience that makes them better professionals, better husbands and wives, better mother and fathers, better friends, and better people.

The single truth about our company is that we build people. When you join our company as an owner to build a business, you join a family of positive, ambitious, character-driven, goal-oriented people. These relationships, and the development experiences we all go through together, ultimately define the richness of your career with Tom James.


Incentive Trips Tom James awards top performers with luxurious trips for their sales excellence. Since these are awarded based on sales growth, many people achieve these trips in the first or second year of their employment!

Sales awards

Tom James believes in recognizing its people for superior performance. Twice a year, we hold a week-long international Meeting where performers are recognized at the Tom James annual awards banquet.


Due to the entrepreneurial nature of our business, we put a lot of resources into training our new partners to succeed. But a successful training experience also depends on another critical factor: you.We expect our new partners to have three characteristics when they join our company:

  1. A willingness to work hard,
  2. A willingness to be coachable, and
  3. A lot of character and integrity.

We will do whatever it takes to ensure success if a new partner will live up to these core expectations. It’s not easy to build a business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be thrilling, fun, enriching and deeply rewarding. Our people love success. They work hard, play hard, support each other and care deeply. Every partner is unique, with distinct motivations, abilities, preferences and styles. But we’re all united by a commitment to excellence in our individual businesses, in our offices and in our company as a whole.