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The Numbers

A glance at our top new partners

One of our most significant corporate achievements in the last decade has been the skyrocketing performance of our newest partners. Despite the fact that every new partner starts with 0 clients and, usually, no clothing knowledge or tailoring experience, we consistently see them achieve six-figure incomes in their very first year. 

If that’s not accomplishment enough, at the end of their first year they usually have 150+ clients, have entered leadership and begun growing a team, and gained a level of sales experience that most companies cannot offer even in the first 5 years. A typical new partner will have almost 2000 sales presentations under their belt, vast experience in developing and administering a sales pipeline of more than 3000 prospects, a strong understanding of core business metrics and P&L management, and—perhaps most importantly—a primarily referral-based sales cycle increasingly filled with selling appointments with clients who are becoming friends, mentors, advocates and advisors.

Achieving the fast start is both an individual and a team effort. Behind every $100,000+ income is 365 days of focus, hard work, frustration, overcoming, and, finally, results. These new partners make it look easy, but it isn’t: to get those 150+ clients they endure a whole lot of “No”, both on the phone and face-to-face. But they master their minds, focus on their goals, brush it off and pick up the phone again, searching for the next yes.

Building a business isn’t easy, but once it’s done, it’s your business. Take a moment to look through some of our top new partners in recent history. Chances are, some of them are just like you.

Top New Partners

  • Amanda Latimer Amanda Latimer
  • Katie Foster Katie Foster
  • Brant Taylor Brant Taylor
  • Jill Poston Jill Poston
  • Jack Tiernay Jack Tiernay
  • Cassandra Blond Cassandra Blond
  • Patrick Davis Patrick Davis
  • Heather Kreger Heather Kreger
  • Robin Hoare Robin Hoare
  • Matthew Perez Matthew Perez

average income


Not everyone earns six-figures right away, but the average incomes of our new partners are still compelling. These partners end their first year with a respectable income, a growing clientele and the beginnings of a management track.



Retention is our most important metric because it measures hope. We have one of the highest retention rates in our industry, which we attribute to our focus on character, development and training.